Last Virgin on the Moon


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Mark Rew, guitar

“I play a beautiful green and gold guitar that Neil made and gave to me. Cleanliness and organization are important to me in all areas. I love my wife more than she loves me and enjoy picnics, cooking, gardening, cuddling, motorcycling and acts of repetition such as folding laundry, chewing and stabbing.”

Neil Jendon, guitar

Neil is a friendly,* sentient biped. He has opposable thumbs and is capable of both tool usage and abstract thought. His escape velocity calculations are currently under review.

*Friendly, despite having once been the victim of a drive-by pie-facing.†

†In fairness to the pie-thrower, Neil was wearing a Cookie Monster costume at the time.

Zachary Mark, bass


Dave McKenzie, moods and squonks

Dave achieved nth brain enlightenment in the late 20th century and now communicates entirely via clicks and whistles.

Andrew Ortolano, drums and stuff

Impossible! Gristle & Tenderness, Ron Repple, Jr Shine, Ronnie and the Nastys, Clip Amplified. Hemiolas and bluzhdas.